The Christian Story starts with the story of Jesus
It does not really start with a baby in a manger,
(as maybe both Matthew and Luke would have us believe)
but with the defiant statement of a young man in a synagogue:
"Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing."
" The Spirit of the Lord is on Me.
He has anointed Me to preach good news to the poor.
He has sent Me to proclaim liberty to the captives.
He has sent Me to bring recovery of sight to the blind.
He has sent Me to release the oppressed
This was a declaration of defiance to the unjust ways of his world.
This was a statement of intent, which led to eternal reknown,
but also, of course, to crucifixion.

It probably didn't really happen like that.
The build up in Mark's Gospel is more realistic,
but, even there, the intention of Jesus is explained
as defiance of the temptations of this world.

In those three canonical Gospels which tell a credible story
the intent is followed by dramatic and radical teaching
which picks up the prognostications of the prophets
to proclaim and explain that the Kingdom of God
is present, and growing, in and around us
even if we often fail to recognise it.

Finally this radical prophet is called to account by authority.
In a time of revolutionary tension, he is stirring up trouble.
At a meeting with the High Priest he refuses to compromise
and is handed over as a dangerous revolutionary
to the ruling secular powers,
with inevitable results.

Of course a spiritual spin is put on the actual story.
The religious twist imposed by Pauline persuasion
turned the revolutionary hero into divinity.
We are left with the unfortunate result,
of facts consumed by sacrament
and the message of Jesus
largely ignored.