Feeding of the 5000
Mt 14:13-21 , Mk 6:30-44 , Lk 9:10-17 , Jn 6:1-15 .

John has just died, been beheaded and then buried by his disciples.
Jesus is followed by the resultant crowd into the desert.
Presumably they are looking for a response,
maybe something violent and powerful.

Instead Jesus tells them of the Kingdom of God
and some of them are converted to the cause,
but time runs on and the disciples have no food.
"If you have nothing more for them, send them away",
say the disciples, assuming improvidence in the crowd.
So we see this enacted parable of sharing our resources.
Jesus took what he had and offered to share it,
encouraging others to do the same.

It is the same scene that can arise
from any potentially disastrous situation,
where human need brings a human response;
where generosity responds to shortage,
or courage to another's danger.
Jesus just triggers the action,
- as he can today.

There is no pagan magic here, but
an appeal to the goodness
of the Spirit within us.
It is a practical example
of the very heart of his message,
of what it really means to be Christian.

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