Jesus Drives out an Evil Spirit
BIBLE REFERENCE : Mark 1:21-27

When the Bible speaks of the removal of an Evil Spirit
we can interpret it as someone who has been converted,
seen the light, or otherwise found new faith.

In this case, the problem is rejection of Jesus as a preacher.
Someone objects to his radical message, as too pious.
It will upset, destroy, their comfortable faith;
make new demands on their religious life.

One wonders how Jesus did, in fact respond.
It would seem that whatever he said it was effective.
Maybe just "Be quiet for a moment! Think about it"
As maybe he often says to each of us.

The story is part of Mark's introduction
and his picture of how Jesus affected his community.
First came his presentation through John the Baptist,
then the essence of his message when he returned to Galilee,
then the basic formation of his group of followers,
then this introduction into the local church,
before his work in the local community
and finally into urban life

Here we see that the message of Jesus disrupts
the even flow of a sound religious life.
We are called to radical love
not placid obedience.

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