Healing of a Blind Man
BIBLE REFERENCE : Mark 8:22-26

As with other such reports, Jesus becomes a stage magician.
He spits on his hands, makes clay with which to anoint.
He employs all the gizmos of the wizards work.
Again it signals a hidden message.

Opening the eyes of the blind is an obvious pseudonym
for a fresh vision of the world or of allegiance.
This man, like the others, is changed;
becomes part of the discipled group,
those who follow Jesus.

So we see how Jesus acquired his following.
There were large gatherings of multitudes,
four or five thousand at a time,
but most came individually,
as their eyes were opened.

The Gospel stories report some of these in detail.
perhaps because they had a special nature,
or carried a message peculiar to
a certain time or place,
or individual.

There is a call for secrecy, in nearly every case.
"Tell no one - yet!"
The pot is warming up nicely
but is not yet ready to be poured.
Maybe that time will come in Jerusalem!

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