Jesus Heals Many
BIBLE REFERENCE : Matthew 14:34-36 , - , John 6:1-15

After the gathering of 5000 and a boat trip,
they came to a new area along the lake.
The usual crowd was assembled
and the usual healings
are reported.

Again we can detect the reality
of gathering wider support.
Another political rally.
Fresh followers of
The Way.

"They touched the fringe of his garment
and then they were healed."

Is it not incredible that belief in such medieval magic
has survived the attention of intelligent preachers.
Modern man, the product of the Enlightenment,
can no longer be expected to have a belief
in any part of a package which supports,
such illogical, unrealistiic ideas.

Surely the church, Christianity, needs to move on;
to reflect reality in what it tries to teach;
to preach a message relevant to today
with all its problems of health
inequality and environment.
To grow up!

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