When Jesus is the only focus of faith
Jesus only is worshipped and proclaimed;
when God is approached through Jesus alone
In him the golden calf still reigns.

Proclaimed by ancient Synod as God's equal
and then, indeed, as part of God in truth
the medieval Jesus protected man,
interceder for Godly forgiveness
Saviour in deed and action!

The facts of his life became engulfed in legend,
and many hold dear to what is pure invention.
The stories modified by human politics,
mollified those in temporal power,
and excused a new theology.

So sacramental gloss has hidden Christ's message
of inclusive love, service and obedient sacrifice.
Instead of following his way, we worship him.
Instead of looking to God alone, as he did,
we take his image as our god-head.

Yet maybe this allows many more to perceive
the ways of incomprehensible divinity
in a framework they can understand,
and so come to live a holy life
by following Jesus
as divine.