Religions are fraught with concepts conceived by priests to keep control
to maintain their authority and power and even their wealth.
Yet, at the base of religions, there must lie truth;
spiritual truth.

Legends and descriptions of divinity
are surely mere clerical conceptions,
seeking converts to their persuasion;
for God is Spirit, nebulous, untenable,
but real.

We can not see God but we can visualise
the ways of God through our religion's founders,
through their teaching, example and life.
So Christians look to Jesus as our guide.

There, maybe, we find truth, not of the nature of divinity,
but about the way that we should behave in the world around us.
However this leaves little scope for religious performance,
the role of priest can seem redundant without ceremony,
sacrament, obedience and a worshipful following.

Maybe the role of religion needs to be rethought.
Maybe churches should focus on what we do daily,
rather than on their dubious systems of control.