The Church


The Sower.
The Dinner Guests
The Divided Kingdom.
The Good Shepherd
The Great Physician
The Hidden Treasure
The Kings Warplans
Lost Coin and Sheep
The Marriage Feast
New Cloth and New Wine
The Rich Fool
A Servants Duty
The Two Debtors
An Unclean Spirit
The Unmerciful Servant
The Vine and Branches
The Watchful Servant

We may value the stability and leadership of the Church
yet we need to be aware of its alternative agenda,
for those that glitter in the priestly vestments,
preach, or preside, at the sacramental altar,
must conform to the bonds of orthodoxy
and are under very human authority.

We may value the fellowship of the church,
but need to realise that in its doctrine
Jesus has been nailed to his cross
and the church is determined
to keep him there.

So, whilst we may value its companionship
we take care to question the bias of its agenda,
expressed through its doctrine, teaching and behaviour.

The church should be a place which offers help and hope to the needy;
should be a place of safety for those freshly come to faith,
of refreshment for the oppressed by the world's concerns,
BUT not a place that provides new rules and regulations,
new demonic acts to plague those within it.