Out of the swamp of nothing things came together
coalesced and solidified into gases, liquids, objects;
things that we could recognise today, - and millennia passed.

From that mix came complex groups that moved as one.
Things driven by some common purpose - and millennia passed,

Purpose became competition, survival, conquest, drive to overcome
And competition generated new forms that moved and grew and fought
and learnt to think and reason, - as millennia passed;

And moral purpose grew to constrain the greed of competitiveness.
Is "Love" then both the last and latest goal and hope for humanity,
practically and in God's eyes, - when millennia have passed?

Are the "Purposes of God" truly relevant to our existence?
Does not Christian theology centre on our needs rather than on God's?
Are "We" central to creation; God merely the creator?

Have we not crafted our ideas of divinity to suit our need,
when there must be a greater truth, something beyond the veil,
a reality that we may understand - even after millenia have passed?