In every journey there is a starting point,
a destination to which we finally aspire
and a guide to point us on our way
be that a book, a saint, guru
or inspirational divine.

As we travel our origin becomes more distant,
whilst our target may yet be out of sight.
Somehow we need to fix, guide, our way.
So we set lines to fix our course.

As we travel further, and if our line is true,
we meet other people on the same journey;
heading to the same distant destination.
Their guidelines will be different,
but are they deluded - wrong?

Others may be heading for another destination.
Our paths may cross or, briefly, collude,
but should we try to redirect them?

Are we right to constrain our ideas of divinity
to those of a corner of the Eastern Mediteranean?
That model may fit our need,
but is that our poverty?