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In the far distant past, God was needed to calm our fears,
our horror at the certainty of our demise
and our meaningless existence.

God became imagined as a mystery, dark, powerful,
controlling our destiny from elsewhere.
Influenced by our behaviour, worship,
but beyond our understanding.

In the less distant past, God became the explanation for Creation,
becoming the Lord of All , glorious on a golden throne,
ruler, judge and sovereign over all,
directing our very action.

In priestly hands God became
another step up from the local ruler,
shifting the balance of power in the realm.

In and around the time of Jesus, God metamorphised
into a loving Father, caring for Creation,
forgiving the sins of His followers.

In priestly hands, this involved submission,
humbly, to the dogma and doctrine of the church.
Confession of our unspecified, but mortally fatal, sins.
Thus began the battle between state and religion,
which raged for centuries, until lost
in the Age of Enlightenment.

God has now taken up another form,
though many still hold on to previous incarnations.
In our time, God has become the Consumer our Bible postulates,
giving sacramental value to shopping trolleys
and the self-centred consumers of society.

Our absorption with self promotion and ease,
has abandoned the sacrificial pathway of Christ
for a self-centred sensual super-highway to imagined salvation
leading only to the reality of extinction after a meaningless existence.
For we are truly but dust on the carpet of time.