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The Lord is a Consuming Fire our Bible postulates
Giving sacramental value to shopping trolleys
and the self-centred consumers of society.
Our God has truly become Consumption.
We want more and better and bigger;
Finance centred on turnover,
not on our savings.

We discard the old and value change over stability;
progress over peace and, maybe, hope over happiness.

The values of society have become driven by dissatisfaction,
by the desire for change, without identifying its aim.
Blindly we are dispatched by advertised lack
to fill a need that we never knew we had.
So consumption fuels our economy
pushed by venal suppliers
feeding our addictions.

Do the same promotional skills affect our faith?
Is our spirituality driven by dissatisfaction'
preached as sin and potential salvation?
We seem equally absorbed in self-promotion,
for our songs of triumph and personal salvation,
mirror the secular call to meet every selfish need.

This has become the heart of Christian thinking;
replacing the concept of one who came to serve
with our demand for personal service,
as we mirror the world around us
in our absorption with "self".
As we replace spirituality
with selfishness.