Fudamentalism is a thought system that does not allow examination of,
or unbounded reflection on, the suppositions that inform it.
It's just righteous in the eyes of the controllers
. The basic ideas are taken to be almost sacred
and their suppositions cannot be critiqued.

Many of the present "socially aware" ideas of modern society
follow this pathway as different aspects of society are judged,
critiqued and found, for some justifiable reason, unworthy.
From this will flow the Spiral of Purity to add detail
to the original conception, and create
an abusive relationship with others.

In abusive relationships one person will try to control another.
This is done by suggesting that there's something wrong with the first,
but never being specific about what that is.

The Christian environment plays straight into such an agenda
with its basic assumptions that can not be challenged
and its concept of original, or even subsequent sin.

The church and its communities pray for forgiveness
without specifying for what forgiveness is needed
so creating the very situation described above
as Fundamentalist and Abusive.

Jesus offered freedom, but
that was much too
socially unaware.