Matthew Chapter 4 vv1-11
spells out the temptations facing mankind,
as exemplified in the person of Jesus.

If you are the Son of God, If you are the Son of God,

The first and primary temptation is for mankind to deny his birthright.
'If you are up for this,' might have been the challenge.
'You can see what lies ahead. Can you face it?'
Maybe asking if he is man enough for the job,
for this has nothing to do with divinity
only his inner strength and courage.

Jesus starts by asking himself whether this is to be his chosen path;
whether he wants to sacrifice his whole life for others;
to put himself at the head of the peasant army,
be at the forefront of the embryo revolution;
the empowerment of the people.

..command this stone to become bread. .. command this stone to become bread.

And Jesus answered him, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone.

Bread is used to symbolise material things, wealth and possessions.
There is more to life than wealth, but for some it is their God,
just as others focus on tradition, history or family.
We all make Gods of our own invention.

Some of the Gods that we invent are good, some evil,
though most fall somewhere in between.
Religions specify concepts of God
compliant to their perception
of righteousness.

He will command his angels to guard you He will command his angels to guard you

You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.

The temptation is of spiritual power on earth,
where the angels will do his bidding,
guard his path and obey his word.

This is the path taken by the charismatic churches
with their focus on miraculous powers
of healing, prophecy and voices.

It is the path of all who demand obedience from divinity
through commanding prayer or spiritual gifting.
It is a false path taken by many good people,
doing good from an unbalanced motivation.

If you will worship me, it will all be yours. If you will worship me, it will all be yours.(close)

You shall worship the Lord your God,and him only shall you serve.

Here Jesus is faced with the temptation of power over others.
All that could follow if he followed the path of majesty,
of command and dominance as the Messiah,
the heroic redeemer of Israel.

When we see the cathedral rerodos,
or the glittering diocesan cloak, staff and mitre
some might think that this is the path taken by his church,
and is the focus of his faith-filled, blessed and anointed followers;
the purpose of the castellated buildings dominating country villages;
the purpose of recruitment in missionary endeavours.