The faith of one's childhood
instilled by tales in school and nursery
does not always fit an adult perspective
yet can be appropriate for that time
meet our childhood's needs.

Simplistic stories of unquestioned truth
are undermined by adult knowledge,
for the reality of life's experiences
and conflicts in the Christian body
demolish the consolation of conformity.

Our ideas of divinity change
without invalidating past concepts
yet seeing them in a different light
new angles on our familiar views
new perspectives on divinity.

Such change may grow upon one
as a stealthy adjustment to new concepts
or be forced by events in life's journey
changes in personal circumstance,
the words or acts of others

Peace lies in new alignment
new birth into a new relationship
new answers to forbidden questions
new ways to hold the hand of God
new visions for mankind

Yet there can be no going back
and often no obvious way forward
even no present firm foundation.
Disorientation, anger, despair
lies close on every side.