Where have I got to or been left?
What conclusions have been come to?
How can I summarise my position?

Religion is still significant to me. I find what I believe is important.
I call myself a Christian, but struggle with most of its ideas;
the doctrines of orthodox Christian theology and belief,
but then perhaps Jesus did much the same, in his time.

I believe in God as an idea, a Spirit, a guide,
but not as a power intervening in human life.
I believe in much of the teaching of Jesus,
but not in his divinity or resurrection.
I value but do not trust the Bible
written to convince us,
not as literal truth.

I believe that the true teaching of Jesus in the Bible
provides a realistic path to the good life
which he called the Kingdom of God.
This is the way that, if adopted,
would have prevented the mess
into which we have fallen.

Sadly the church is fixated on personal salvation
failing to realise that the way that Jesus taught
offered practical salvation for the world
rather than any personal eternity.

The church has got it wrong
but dare not admit it
and repent.