A second miraculous catch of fish
BIBLE REFERENCE : John 21:4-11
See also The Catch according to Luke.

The analogy of fish to people is clear.
Once again, we must see the fish caught
as people converted to the revoltionary cause;
as people who become part of the multitude
that follows Jesus from place to place,
or gathers where he speaks.

This is a post-resurrection Jesus portrayed as a unknown man,
who gives advice and then a fire and then a speech,
which appoints Peter in a leading pastoral role
and points to the author as most loved;
or so he/she would have us believe.

There is no evidence that the man, John, did not write this,
but then there is no evidence that he did, except what he wrote.
It might seem likely that "the one that Jesus loved" was female,
writing under a male name merely to get a hearing in that society.

It is a wild surmise, with little supporting evidence,
but that is the case for much of the biblical account.
On these biased ancient writings in a foriegn tongue,
adapted by subsequent generations to fit their ideas,
we strive to make sense of a global religion,
protective of its theology and structures.

In the midst of clamour, confusion and camouflage,
we try to find a way that rings true for our lives.
Sometimes the Bible does help us,
but it can also lead us astray.

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