Healing a servant's severed ear
BIBLE REFERENCE : Luke 22:50-51

An escort has been sent to take Jesus to a meeting with the High Priest,
as organised by Judas under the instructions of Jesus.
The disciples misunderstand and attack the escort.
Jesus rectifies the situation, stopping the violence
Violence is not the Way, to radical revolution.

The Gospels tell a corrupted story out of their need.
Yet the truth is fairly plain when read without preconceptions:
It is time to mediate. An appointment has been made for Jesus to keep.
Judas, as the most practical disciple (the treasurer) sorts it out.
Sadly, he has been blamed ever since, became the scapegoat.

From here Jesus vanishes into the inevitable process
which leads, through his failure to agree any compromise,
to the radical nature of his revolutionary message,
to execution; crucifixion; eventual deification.
But it is an imagined story
born out of our need.

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