Jesus restores sight to Bartimaeus
BIBLE REFERENCE : Mark 10:46-52 , Luke 18:35-43

Jesus is in Jericho, a small city at the Nothern end of the Dead Sea.
He has travelled across Samaria into the hostile land of Judea.

Here Jesus has gathered a crowd around him by speaking in the city.
As he is leaving the beggar, Bartimaeus, joins the movement.
Maybe others do, but Bartimaeus is mentioned by name.
Maybe he was the only one that actually followed
and left to join the travelling group,
following with Jesus on the road.

In both accounts, Jesus is addressed as "Son of David",
pointing him to a Messianic role, as a leader in Israel.
Maybe Bartimaeus initiated a key change of policy,
or mission aim in the Movement.

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