Jesus heals a man with Dropsy
on a Sunday


It sounds as if Jesus was set up.
He was invited to Sunday lunch and presented with a need
and the theological question about doing good works:
Are they lawful to do on the assigned day of rest?
It is part of an on-going debate.

The answer may seem obvious to us
but was of concern to the early Christians.
Maybe it was held up as a difference from Judaism,
from legalism in the practicalities of religion;
along with other things such as circumcision.

The particular 'work' involved is another healing.
The viability of this is hidden behind the 'Sunday ' discussion.
What is actually meant by the magical healing story?

"Dropsy" is an accumulation of fluid in cellular tissues,
which can arise from physiological or pathological causes.
Home treatment is exercise and a selective diet.
Maybe Jesus removed the physiological barrier.
Maybe the exercise involved in being there
was the treatment needed to cure this.
Either way it could not be instatnt.

Was it a set up in more ways than one

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