Healing a Crippled Woman
BIBLE REFERENCE : Luke 13:10-17

This seems like a straightforward account of a healed woman,
bent over with arthretis of the spine due to her age.
It is not a very uncommon condition even today.
Jesus lays hands on her and she is healed.

Of course it could have happened just like that.
People do recover and not realise it.
They carry on in their old ways,
when all that they have to do
is act, straighten, speak,
be healed.

But this is also a powerful parable and image for recruitment.
People do not have to live as slaves to sin or the Law
when all that they have to do is to break free,
to join the crusade, the freedom movement.
Straighten up! Come and join us!

The multitude, his peasant followers, rejoiced at his words
as the synagogue leader was given his come-uppance.
For they know the hard lessons of peasant life and
that Sin and Sickness, Poverty and Oppression
do not take Sunday off, so nor can we.
Life goes on, even on Sunday.

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