Jesus heals a boy with an Unclean Spirit
BIBLE REFERENCE : Matthew 17:14-20, Mark 9:14-29, Luke 9:37-43

Jesus and the disciples have been away,
meeting God in the mountains, as Moses did.
They return to the multitude, their followers,
to be met by a plea to heal an epileptic,
which Jesus does, but then explains
why others could not.

As usual the detail of the story varies
between the three Gospel accounts
as each makes its own point
within the general theme.

The description of the affliction differs this time.
There is a different background to the story;
maybe one of violence and destruction;
maybe tells of a brigand fighter
converted to a different view.

Or maybe this is a disturbed spirit
needing peace and security and a cause;
needing the message that Jesus brings
on which to focus his excess energy.

Or maybe this was a form of epilepsy,
for which Jesus recognised the symptoms,
knew of the needed cure and provided healing;
the message of true love overcoming the concerns
that triggered a violent, destructive response to life.

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