Healing of a man Born Blind

John's Gospel, has its own special agenda,
and is written at a different time,
with a different slant to show.

It tells much the same stories,
but used to make a theological point,
or to endorse a new doctrinal concept.
These are still stories with a message,
but a different set of messages
for a different clientel.

The initial subject is the relationship between sickness and sin.
This is developed into whether good works can be done on Sunday,
and runs right on to verse 21, including conflict with Pharisees
and a declaration of Jesus as the Son of God

As with the whole of John's Gospel, literal veracity
is replaced by telling the truth, as he sees it.
Honesty is subject to the teacher's need;
as it is in many political speeches
of our own times, today!

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