Healing and Deaf and Dumb Man
BIBLE REFERENCE : Mark 7:31-37

This story seems out of character:
1. He took him aside.
2. He adopted a magician's role.
both in his words and his actions.
3. People started telling everyone
in disobedience to what they were told

It sounds like a change of policy.
They have returned from foreign parts
and adopted a new, more aggressive, attitude.

Jesus may be commanding silence
but his followers want to get on with it.
' Was a stammerer now able to speak clearly?
Was a deaf man now able to hear what others said?
Here we have proof of the credentials of Jesus.
Here we have the inheritance of Moses,
the new leader, Messiah, of Israel.'

More practically:
The messenger who greeted Jesus,
on his return from Tyre and Sidon,
would speak to no one but Jesus himself
and seemed to ignore what they said to him.
Jesus took him aside to hear his message;
spoke to him privately, in secret,
exchanging the secret password:

The follow up seems to have been that great assembly
known to us as the feeding of the four thousand,
which follows directly in the Gospel' story..

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