Healing of a Greek's Daughter
BIBLE REFERENCE : Matthew 15:21-28, Mark 7:24-30

Jesus escapes from the crowd that has been following him.
He travels about 50 miles across the hills to the coastal plain.
It is well away from his usual area of operation,
and away from the Galillean authorities,
near the Syrian border.

From the text it could be imagined
that he was under-cover!

However his fame has gone ahead of him.
Somehow he is recognised by the locals.

It seems a long way to go to effect one healing
or perhaps make one conversion to the cause.
Maybe, once he had been recognised,
the point of the journey
had been lost.

Perhaps this is just shows how the news is spreading
and that it is not confined to the Jewish race.
The cause embraces all oppressed people.

Perhaps the story is merely told to show
that Jesus did travel beyond Gallilee
and that his message, his power,
is universal in its application;
even extending to Greeks.

How does that reflect on Paul's image
as the missionary to the gentiles?

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