Jesus Walks on Water
BIBLE REFERENCE : Mt 14:22-33 , Mk 6:45-52 , - , Jn 6:16-21

Is there really any miraculous event here?
The disciples get into a boat and row up the coast without Jesus
showing the following crowds that Jesus is not with them, cunningly.
The wind gets up so they have difficulty keeping the boat in place.
Eventually Jesus appears, wades out and tows them back to land,
which is where they meant to be in the first place, but
the crowds have been deceived and melted away.

This is not a deep lake but shelves gradually.
There was never real danger only some discomfort.
It would seem that a mountain has been made
out of a marine mole-hill.

There is a lesson here, of waiting for Jesus,
of faith and willingness to take risks,
even, maybe, of dependency on Jesus,
or even of overdependency on him,
but not of puerile magic powers.

The tendency of charismatic speakers, even today,
to add a spiritual component into a natural situation
can pervert any story from credibility into propoganda
to the detriment of Christian credibility.

From this has grown present doctrine
and the demise of the unrealistic church
which promotes it.

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