Jesus heals a Dumb Man
BIBLE REFERENCE : Matthew 9:32-34

This simple account of a healing of the voice
follows directly from healing two blind men.
Just as the blind could not see properly
this man can not see speak.

This is a simple story, a brief encounter,
which has the ring of authenticity, somehow,
but perhaps with a deeper background.

Maybe he was carrying a secret
and had been sworn to utter silence
until he got his message to the leader.

It is always our failure to understand
the setting and environment of these tales
which lead us to the wrong conclusions,
taking as real physical activities
what is really Jewish Midrash,
or pagan magic.

Maybe it is written here to signify that
Jesus has power over all our senses
sight, speech and hearing;
and locomotion.

In those days any physical impairment was taken
as a sign of demonic possession of some kind.
Sickness and sin were closely linked
until even after the Middle Ages.

Maybe the dumb man was stuck with a handicap
from which the words of Jesus freed him,
but what was the real problem
we do not know.

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