Jesus heals Two Blind Men
BIBLE REFERENCE : Matthew 9:27-31

Two men followed Jesus calling him "son of David".
It was an open invitation to revolutionary leadership,
to proclaim himself as the Messiah, the son of David,
the long-awaited Deliverer, fulfilling prophecy
by cleansing the land of Gentile invaders,
the hated Romans occupying their land.

The fact that the blind men seem to follow Jesus easily
betrays the fact that this is not a physical condition;
it is blindness of the Spirit or of allegiance.

The actual conversation with Jesus takes place inside, undercover.
Here Jesus quizzes them over the viability of his mission,
taken by many as of his ability to heal their blindness,
but, more obviously, of his movement to succeed;
of the success of the Messianic revolution.

Once assured of their good faith, Jesus incorporates them,
opening their eyes to the spread of the movement,
but emphasising that it is still a deep secret.
" Tell no about it!".

However it seems that this was too much to keep secret.
Somehow the news spread throughout the land,
whether from these two or from others.

This increased the danger that the message of Jesus
would be misunderstood, or misused, by others
and bring arrest or even violent reprisals.
Secrecy was, at this stage, essential.

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