Jesus heals Jairus's Daughter
BIBLE REFERENCE : Mt 9:23-26 , Mk 5:35-43 , Lk 8:40-56

In each of the synoptic gospels this story is separated
into two parts by the story of the woman with the flow of blood.
The division makes it all seem authentic and biographical,
but I wonder if it paints a deeper message.

Fairly obviously there is the message of the patience shown by Jairus
He was an important man and his business, his concern,
was interrupted by this nobody, this unclean woman.
Maybe he had a right to be annoyed, frustrated,
but we don't read anything about that.

Maybe the message is that all are equal in this situation.
Here wealth and standing are of no moment;
only the reality of immediate need.

The religious make much of the miraculous aspects
how Jesus was aware of power flowing out of him,
how raising the dead came from a simple touch
bred of confidence in his calling.

Perhaps this tells us that the Jesus following
has spread into every level of society;
that people are joining the movement
for a variety of reasons
from every avenue.

There is also a variety of embedded information,
from the need of Jesus to identify the woman
to his need for solitude with the daughter
and the fact that both tales involve women.
Seemingly women are increasingly involved.
Seemingly secrecy is still required.

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