Jesus heals a Woman with an Issue of Blood
BIBLE REFERENCE : Mt 9:20-22 , Mk 5:25-34 , Lk 8:43-48

This appears to be a simple story of faith healing,
unremarkable in this context, so why was it included?

Maybe because such healings were, even for Jesus,
not as routine as we are called to assume,
if we do assume a physical change at all.

Maybe because this involved a woman,
for most such accounts involve men,
though the next one is of a girl.

Maybe because the woman sought to be changed secretly,
which must have been common amongst the followers.
They would have continued to follow faithfully
but not acknowledged their new allegiance.
In this case Jesus noticed her
and challenged her.

Her new faith had made her whole,
despite her desire to keep it to herself.

Such undercover support must have been common
and infuriating to those upfront and open,
suffering persecution for their faith.

We too are called to admit our allegiance;
to be open and honest about what we believe;
despite any calumny which may follow our admission,
from either those with a literal understanding
or those with no belief at all.

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