The Son of a Widow is Raised from the the Dead
BIBLE REFERENCE : Luke 7:11-17

Once again we are challenged by an event that,
even though it appears only in Luke' Gospel,
appears to contradict natural explanation.
People do not rise from the dead.
Once dead they start to decay!

The story is blatantly positioned to mirror those of
1 Kings 17 (Elijah raises the dead son of the widow of Zarepath)
and 2 Kings 4 (Elisha raises the only son of a Shunammite woman).
Here, the text proclaims, is another prophet in the same tradition.

The story comes after that of the Centurion's servant
and before a challenge to Jesus by the Temple authorities.
It is a tale of a helpless woman in desperate personal need
and is preceded by that of a powerful man, in no personal need.
Here, Luke is proclaiming the breadth of the mission of Jesus,
giving scope to his reply to John's question over his authority.

Yet again, the story highlights the artificial nature
of any sequence or biographical detail in the Gospel accounts.
These stories are, like many political tracts, told to convince,
without, necessarily, any adherence to facts or veracity.
Luke is preparing his readers for an exposure of Jesus
. as the Messiah, the Redeemer, the Saviour of Israel,
even, perhaps, as divinity itself.

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