Healing a Man with a Withered Hand
BIBLE REFERENCE : Mt 12:9-14, Mk 3:1-6, Lk 6:6-11

Jesus has just been accused of breaking the law by not fasting, (Mk 2:16-22)
Then he picks grain on the Sabbath on the way through a field. (Mk2:23-28)
Here he is healing another man, on the Sabbath.
This is part of a series against legalism.

The Pharisees in the story were concerned with the observance of The Law,
upon which their religious life was based; through which they sought God.
We tend to denigrate their position without realising our own.
Are we not bound by our preconceptions, our background,
blind to our faults and critical of others?

Jesus defended his position with examples from OT.
David ate the shewbread in the temple.(1 Samuel 21)
Priests work hardest on Sabbath. (Matt 12:5)
The Sabbath was made for the benefit of man.(Ho 6:6).

The Pharisees made the Law more important than Love.
Humans were serving the Sabbath. It was a burden to them.
The Sabbath was supposed to serve mankind and be a benefit to them.
He tells them that the son of man has authority over the Sabbath.

Some see this as a reference to himself as "The Son of Man"
It is a biassed interpretation flowing from another blind alley.
In the context it can only apply to all mankind.

Personal bias can keep someone from understanding the message.
Again we see the emphasis on the fact that tradition blinds us to the truth.
We need to be sure we are not personally guilty of the same.

The miraculous aspect of the story merely alerts us
to the realisation that this is a teaching device
rather than a biographical account.
We need to focus on the message
rather than the medium.

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