Against Heresies
Against Heresies (180) Against Heresies (180)

Compiled by Irenaeus, bishop of Lugdunum
He argued that his conception of orthodox Christianity
was passed down to him from the apostles who knew Jesus personally,
while the Gnostics and Marcionites were distorting this apostolic tradition.

Book 1:
I. Valentinus,
II. the Propator,
III. the misuse of the Bible,
IV. the mother Achamoth,
V. the Demiurge,
VI. The threefold man,
VII. against the incarnation,
VIII. the Valentinians misuse of the Bible,
IX. refutation by Irenaeus,
X. the unity of the church,
XI. Valentinus' disciples and others.
XII. Ptolemy (gnostic) and Colorbasus.
XIII. Marcus (Marcosian).
XIV. letters and syllables.
XV. Sige on the twenty-four elements.
XVI. the Marcosians.
XVII. Marcosians.
XVIII. Misuse of passages from Genesis.
XIX. misuse of Bible
XX. apocryphal scriptures,
XXI. the heretics on redemption,
XXII. deviations from the truth.
XXIII. Simon Magus and Menander.
XXIV. Saturninus and Basilides.
XXV. Carpocrates.
XXVI. Cerinthus, the Ebionites, and Nicolaitans.
XXVII. Cerdo and Marcion.
XXVIII. Tatian, the Encratites.
XXIX. Borborians.
XXX. Ophites and Sethians
. XXXI. Cainites and conclusion of Book I.

Book 2:
A rebuttal of the Gnostic systems employing philosophical arguments primarily
rather than employing Scripture.

Book 3:
Rebuttal based on apostolic succession and tradition passed down of the faith;
defense of the incarnation of Jesus; defense of the virgin birth.

Book 4:
Demonstration that the God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament.

Book 5:
A defense of the physical resurrection and eternal judgement.

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