"Follow me” he said,
but do I dare to do it?

I sit in the flames of God's desire
and my body burns up day by day, ageing.
Should I lie dormant, unresisting, obedient
passively feeding on the Spirit's presence
or should I struggle, seek, research ?

Should I battle for truth in that sea of words
the enfolding mire of religious doctrine,
or research the sink of materialism?

Shall I find reality through the inspiration of the Spirit,
in the dry arguments of academic thought,
or in the words that Jesus spoke
as written in the Bible?
Follow me he said.
but do I dare
to do it?

Would I then always be on the outside
the one that's different, odd?
As he was.

Would I be excluded,
shunned by the establishment, my friends
my community, my companions?
As he was.

Dare I face his challenge
Face his cross and walk to Calvary
Despised, rejected and executed?
As he was.

"Follow me", he said,
but I dare not do it.
Am I alone in that?