Our own personal experience,
and the mythology of every tribe and nation,
argues for some form of divine existence.

The existence of evil militates against a good God
who is both all-powerful and all-loving,
unless God is divorced from the world,
which would then make God irrelevant!

If God is all-powerful,
then there is a divine responsibility
for every bad thing that happens,
every innocent that dies in agony and despair.
Such a God could have no love or feelings.

A God that is all-loving,
can not also be in a position to prevent the evil
which defaces the wonders of creation.
If we are able to do things wrong,
we are free to make our own decisions.

If so,then some form of evil must exist.
Evil may proliferate so that some decisions
become merely between different levels of evil.
The means to resist evil may be intrinsically evil.

The decisions made by created beings affect the future of Creation.
The future becomes indeterminate, can not be pre-judged.
The future is, in fact, non-existent,
Until it becomes the present.