The reality of suffering and evil demands an explanation

Satan and His Works
Could all suffering and evil originate from Satan?
Does Evil personified take His slice of human existence?
Is this all part of the eternal spiritual conflict
as some theories seem to imply?
Is God not winning?

Eternal Global Vision
Are we, as individuals, meaningless in the march of time
and our suffering mere dust on the pages of history?
Does divinity see the bigger picture;
how present evil leads to a better future;
how Creation will benefit from our suffering?
Does God then suffer with us for some distant benefit?

Reward and Punishment
Does all suffering arise from past sin, or evil?
Is it intended, as much ancient theology defines,
to correct our ways and drive us back to God,
or punish us for our waywardness?

Is the disabled child a punishment for its parent's sins?
Must that punishment be passed through generations
to satisfy the wrath of an imagined deity?

A God of Love
Such explanations deny a deity that cares for every hair of my head.
This is not the God that has any reality in my life,
nor any positive impact on the way I live.
Such a deity is irrelevant!