Religions defend fanatically their concept of divinity.
Yet each concept is but an inadequate portrayal,
for God is beyond our understanding or description.
We blaspheme by insisting in our ignorance
on the completeness of one viewpoint.

Jesus called us to follow a way, the way,
not defining a destination but a path.
God lures us down that pathway;
calls us onward.

Yet, the narrower the path that we follow,
the more constrained is our view of the destination.
From our single pathway we fail to perceive
the breadth of the glory ahead.

Jesus challenged his contemporaries with a broader view.
A concept of divinity that embraced, rather than excluded;
that endorsed the pagan as aberrant, but alternative
attempts to find the face of the Father.

We are called to worship a God beyond our understanding
a Spirit without form or material existence;
a truth that we can never know.