As we surrender this mortal coil,
the immediacy of present reality fades.
We merge resistant into the flowing tide of time,
surrender our individuality gradually to communal reality
join past generations flowing into the ocean of spirituality.

But,as we do, our self-centred minds deny extinction
deny a time when we will not be,
without consideration that
once we were not.

The reality and mode of after-life existence
is a concept much valued by religions
which claim to supply the criteria,
based on earthly behaviour,
for our eternal destiny.

There is much about this in every holy book
for the main focus of religion is self.
Though called to serve others,
it is ourselves we glorify.
It is our destiny
that we seek.

Yet we have individual eternal meaning
only as contributors to God's purpose.
What we have done and been lives after us
only as it affects the lives of others.

So, in this world, we live on as fragile influence,
whilst communal love draws us to new life in the next
merging the differentiating stream of our individuality
gently into the eternal sea of consciousness.

So bravely
we face eternity