Mankind exists for its potential not for its presence!

Over millennia, the moral and spiritual compass of mankind
has evolved from brutal mindless aggression
to the morality that most people hold today;
the lure of 'God' to care for our neighbour,
though still usually only after ourselves.

For the purposes of Goodness require us to move onward
from morality to love of others, sacrificially, forgetting self
to a spirituality that loves even the invisible God
and the Creation that surrounds us.

The purposes of Goodness lie in the guided evolution
of an entity, humanity, which freely loves
in the exalted manner of God's Kingdom;
as Jesus showed it to us.

Yes, God does care for every hair on our heads,
but often finds them unloving and distasteful,
for we have not yet evolved into our destiny,
traversed the path that Jesus showed us;
become, freely, what we could be.