The Ten Commandments spelt out God's wishes for that time
"You shall put no other Gods before me"

There is one God though with many names
and often seen from very diverse perspectives;
a variety of different human views of the divine
over which we squabble and fight, unmerciful.

These are not the other gods of the second commandment
but merely different viewpoints of the one eternal God.
There are also other gods of human construction
other things that we worship without spirituality.
Jesus is described as rejecting three of them.
We face many, many, more.

We struggle with the commandment to worship God alone
amidst a wealth of other options and opinions,
gleaned from our bias to person survival
and the prolongation of our progeny.

So we find ourselves focussed on wealth or success
on power or pornography, security or sex;
even on football or stardom,
fame or favour.

These, and others, are all gods that divert mankind
from a focus on, from following, divinity;
from returning fully the love divine
with all our heart and mind.