C0. Prisoners Hope for tomorrow?
C0a. Coherent Christianity... Are we but dust on the carpet of time?
C1a. .My Brain Hurts... . .It is so much easier to go with the flow.
C2. .The Creed . Do I believe?
C4a. .Spiritual Development .... .The Butterfly Analogy.
C4b. .Fowlers Stages of Faith . .Matching spiritual growth with age.
C4b. .Veritable Spirituality . ..
C4d. .The Hand of God . ..
C5a. .What is Faith? . .The orthodox understanding of faith is as a belief.
C6. .There is one God . .Religions defend their concepts fanatically.
C7. .God is Spirit . ..The entity, that existed before existence began.
C8. .God is love . .If God is real, then God is also good,.
C9. God given Freedom .God is real, God is good, God is Spirit,.
C10. Other Gods .The Ten Commandments spelt out God's wishes for then.
C11. The Purposes of God .Prevented by love from insistence on obedience,.
C11a. Christian Cults .Cultic leadership
C12. Evolving Creation Scientists show the path of evolution.
C13. The Reality of Idolatry .Neither God or Goddess has any known form or gender.
C14. The Holy Book .For some the Bible is the focus of their faith.
C15. Son of God .When Jesus is the only focus of faith.
C17. Eternal Life .Our self-centred minds deny extinction.
C20. Prayer .When God knows and loves you why pray?.
C21. I believe yet I reject .I believe in a God of love.
C22. Christ Victorious .The Christian church insists on its rectitude.

WD2. A Relevant Theology Problems with traditional Christian doctrines.
WD3. Clerical Conundrum Dupicate?.
WD4. Conceptual Concerns .The need for certainty creates barriers to reality.
WD5. The Bible Reconsidered Is the Bible the basis of Christianity?
WD5a. The Basis of Faith .The reality of God is proclaimed in the holy books.
WD6. The Unending Battle .We tailor God to meet our needs.
WD7. A Saga of Creation .Every ethnic group has its own story of creation.
WD7a. The Millenia of Creation .Out of the swamp of nothing things came together.
WD8 The Gospel of Christ .Many refer to the Gospel as the "good news".
WD9. Emergent Evolution .Traditional theology looks backward.
WD10 The Purposes of God .God created us for our potential, not for our presence.
WD10a Ideas of Evolution .The history of the cosmos.
WD11 The Form of God .Personal experience and mythology affirm divinity.
WD11a. Of God and Evil .Our own personal experience,.
WD12. The Form of Evil .Satan permeates our altars with victory songs..
WD13. Jesus Saviour? .Monothesim was, and still is, foundational.
WD13a. Jesus Revolutionary? .Was Jesus a radical revolutionary?
WD13plus Honest Scholarship .Suspect biblical scholarship .
WD15./td> The Path of Jesus .The path of Jesus is one of experiential faith.
WD16. The Impact of Christ .In contrast to the message of inclusive freedom.
WD18. Our Selfish Desires Our individual desire for meaning and value
WD18a. Individualism .Our individual craving for self-worth.
WD18b. Spiritual Materialism .Manipulating spiritual resources.
WD19. Eternity with You .What lies beyond the door of death.
WD24 Telling Others .We are called to witness,.
WD24a God's Team .When it comes to teamwork, cooperation .
WD24b What to say? .God will recycle our failings.
WD27. Personal Prayer .The prayers of the faithful ring out.
WD28. Spiritual Growth .Christ called us to follow The Way;.
WD28a. The Seekers Mandate .Spiritual growth is a dangerous journey.
WD29 A Fresh Theology .The Lure of God's Whisper.
WD30. Follow Me .I sit in the flames of God's desire.
WD31 A Question of Faith .What should we do?.
WD32. A Whisper Divine .Religions proclaim variants on one theme.
WD32a A Prayer .Oh Lord, how can I find you.