Many give great moment to the preacher,
proclaimer of God's word for the day,
interpreting the scriptures
interminably, eternally,

Some few are able, from their eminence,
to touch a nerve of actual interest,
to engage their captive audience
with a challenge or new concept.

Most preaching merely repeats past ideas,
regurgitating the thoughts of others,
affirming what we already know,
or believe, or understand.

"Well said!" we cry, "A goodly sermon!"
Praising those with whom our thoughts agree,
rejecting those who attempt, maybe,
to challenge our perceptions,
undermine our fragile faith
with new ideas.

Can we not proclaim our group identity
more clearly, practically, or better,
other than in liturgical religion;
discard ritual for reality?

Can we seek God together, as a group and individually,
seek the reality of divinity without losing God's reality?

Can we follow God's call through service not services,
be inspired to serve others in the name of he whom we call Lord?

Can we follow Jesus outside the church, or is he contained within it,
transfigured into a figure-head, immovably unbending?