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The message of Jesus put self second, even going as far as death.
The corrupted Gospel put self first, even after death.
The age of Reason has called such false teaching,
and its supporting doctrine, into question.

The Gospel that Jesus proclaimed was oriented to present reality;
faced the needs of a poverty stricken, dominated people;
spoke of a time when such wrongs would be righted.
People flocked to hear him even after their days of toil.

The Gospel for today needs to hit a similar nerve.
What message would inspire the weary commuter
to leave the TV or bar and join a crusade?
Where is God at work today?

We can find the divine purpose where morality roams;
in the fight for equality and distributive justice;
in the struggle for unity between power-blocks;
in the protection of the young and vulnerable.

These are ancient calls vested in scripture
that can be endorsed and given fresh place today;
that need to be at the forefront of every preacher;
that need to be the foundation of every church.

But perhaps we can also discover the purposes of God in
our love for Creation, and the destruction of our environment.
our love for our neighbour and our fear of displacement.
These are current concerns that bring out the crowds
that wake people in the night and spark protests.

By showing that the concepts of Jesus fit these concerns
Christianity can be shown to be as relevant today
as it was before being covered by
a sacramental camouflage.

By taking a lead in addressing these issues,
speaking about these issues, facing these issues,
the church can begin, again, to do the work of Christ,
free of the incubus of the doctrinal power-block
which has stultified its potential;
presenting a new Gospel.