TFM is also known as
"Walk of a Thousand Men".
It is an evangelisic evangelical organisation which aranges week-long vists of a team to a church where it follows a pre-planned programme with the aim of convincing others to follow the evangelical gospel of salvation:
1 Admit your need. (I am a sinner)
2 Be willing to turn from your sins.
3 Believe that Jesus Christ died for you on the cross
4 Believe that Jesus rose again.
5 Believe Jesus is God, the Son
6 Pray the sinner's prayer.

My involvement:
1999 Kent
2000 Essex Way
2001 Isle of Wight
2003 Wessex
2004 Jersey
2005 Braintree (TL)
2005 Devon (TL) Lustleigh
2006 Rodings (TL)
2007 Cumbria (TL) Dalston
2008 Dengie (TL) Tillingham
2009 East Sussex
2009 Burwell (Cambs) (TL)
2009 National Forest (TL) Anstey
2010 West Wales (Scout) Tenby
2011 Dorset (Scout) Beaminster
2013 Cornwall (Scout) Looe
2014 Two Rivers (Scout) Sudbury

TL= Team Leader
"Scout" adds planning of the week.

Walk Cornwall

Walk National Forest

Along with the actual missions, I was trained as an evangelist under the wing of TFM.
Over the period 2001 to 2005, I took part in a Nottingham University Diploma course,
"Evangelism and Psychology", which involved written and practical work.
On passing, I became a member of the "Society of Contemporary Evangelists".

However I had left Dorset (2011) with doubts and found Sudbury(2014) hard to stomach.
Lack of creedal certainty is not conducive to Evangelical evangelism!
It was time to move on, even though it was sad to leave the gang.
My days proclaiming this form of Christianity were over.