What is Truth?


We, Christians, need to do more than just read our Bibles.
We need to analyse them and think through what is being said. Take them seriously.
Is what is written timeless truth (Jesus) or time-bound concepts(author)?
Is it promoting love (Jesus) or discord (author)?
Does it promote inclusion or separation,
schism or love ?

We need to do more than just accept the leadership of our clergy.
Are they leading us towards love or discord, inclusion or separation ?
Are they leading us out to love our neighbour or closing the doors against them?

We need to think about what we sing and say in church,
the constructs of medieval monks, ignorant savants,
or the simplistic song-writers of our own time.

In an age when we can, virtually, see the distant past,
travel the depths of space, plumb the oceans depths
we also need to use our brains about divinity.

We are free people and need to take responsibility for that freedom;
for in God's eyes that is why we were made what we are.
God's purposes are being worked out in us
if we dare to join the journey.

Jesus demonstrated and promoted the inclusive Kingdom of God.
The needs of powerful magnates inverted that message
to the divisiveness of exclusive Empire.
It is the thrust of the written message
that betrays its origins.

What is Truth?
Love your God with all your heart
and your neighbour as yourself