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Loving is our intended way of living.
It is the path to the purposes of God.
It is the crowning feature of God's Kingdom.

We could all, perhaps, be wrapped in cotton wool, protected against every evil.
We could live a life as contented puppets without any opportunity to do wrong.
Instead we are free to make mistakes, to hurt others and even ourselves.
Freedom is dangerous!

So thank God for a world where we can to get it wrong, where suffering is real;
where we can grow in the Spirit and begin to learn to love as God loves;
where we can evolve,as a people, into the wonder of what we could be;
where spiritual Health and Safety is no longer paramount.
For we can not evolve, grow, become like Christ,
in a protected bubble.

When care for others just as they are
with all their faults and failings;
accepting and caring for them
as precious individuals,
we are acting out
God's Kingdom.