Eternal Life

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What truth lies in rumours of life beyond this mortal coil?
Does this frail flesh embrace something eternal or
does all that I am end, expire, vanish when I die?

As I lie passive in the earth, have I any existence
other than in the memories of others
and the results of my past actions?

Is death final or the opening of a new existence
as has been preached for so long, in hope
or perhaps in compliance
to ancient dogma.

Are our selfish desires realised in future glory?
Will we meet our loved ones again as the priests affirm,
even though they qualify that assumption with
the need for us to follow the rules
that they proclaim?

The concept of eternal life is common to most religions
but is it merely a religious scam, or is it
something we should take seriously?

Should I hang up the divine telephone,
or listen carefully and key-in the code
that will open the doors to the heavenly realm?